I’ve tried not to make it sound like a History class but I can’t. So bear with me.

I started to know the Internet when I was 9. I created my first email address (with fake age, of course) on Yahoo.

When my cousin, Fai, went to my home in Sarawak in 2010 during her study break, I was so eager to know what she is currently been doing and I found out that she has been designing web layouts and creating contents. Most of her contents were about Kpop bands and events. She even thought me how to create a web layout (using Microsoft Office Frontpage and some Adobe Photoshop knowledge) and yay I made my first web layout! Sadly the PC that I used to create that layout (and other few layouts) broke down because the hard drive was crashed. Only if Google Drive were a thing in 2010.

“You have created your own layout. Why not you try to convert it into your own website?” – Fai, 2010. And there it goes, my first blog using Blogger by Google.

Fast-forward, I’ve been jumping from a URL to another for quite some time and I got my first domain (smiledd.net) from a giveaway. At that time, I learn a lot about WordPress, converting web layouts from HTML to WordPress (which uses PHP) and working in a new blog-space (unlike Blogger).

When I entered high school, I rarely had time to post new things on my blog until I forgot to pay for the domain (yeah my older domains were expired and I did not make any backups on it). At that time, I promised myself that I will be back.

And here I am.

Kudos to everyone!

I would like to thank myself for all the supports and efforts just to finish this one page, dang.

I would like to thank Fai, if it isn’t because of her, I will never be here.

Thank you to Lys for providing mlikr.pw a place to breathe. Namecheap as my favourite domain provider. And WordPress will always be the best place for me to express my thoughts on.

My blog is listed on Bloglist.me.

— 🥰