Being invisible was not bad,

Two weeks passed and it felt so good. Being “invisible” from social media is somehow, stress-free-ing. I got to finish most of my works even faster and I never easily get distracted.

I got texts from people asking me where have I been, why I did not post anything. Some of them even (still) asking me to promote things on my social sites, which I can only say “Sorry, I’ve deactivated my account, hm 😕,”. Most of them show their concerns and some of them assumed maybe I am currently having my finals (yes I am in my final week of my fifth semester) and I deactivated it because I need to stay focus. But, that is not the real reason of it.

Fact check: Malik’s favourite Starbucks drink is Caramel Macchiato.

I was not a fan of coffee back then. When I’m taking my Bachelor Degree, coffee has been a friend of mine. Not until the point where I brew the beans, yet. Maybe I’ll get to there soon.

Back to the assumptions thing, some of them try to dig in, hoping that I would give them an answer. But I said to myself that, the more you try to convince people, the more you see your effort as something, worthless. So, I just said to them that I’m okay and yes I will always be here if you need me.

I have been dealing with negativity for the past few weeks, not to mention some drama(s) that will only waste my time to talk about here. When I lay myself on the bed and start to recap everything that I did in a day, I had a thought on myself.

What do I get from being nice to people?

People might say that I am selfish but do I get something for being nice? Do people really care when I say something? Does my words even give an impact in their life? At one point, everything and everyone that I care, become pointless.

And what do I do next? I disappear.

Footnote: I will be having another paper tomorrow, Algorithm Design. May God ease everyone and all the best folks! Oh, I’ll continue this on the next post.

Photo by neil ingham on Unsplash

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